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After the conflagration - Emission soil samples from La Gomera! (30.09.2012)
After the conflagration on the La Gomera island in August 2012, in which an area of about 40km ² was destroyed, many residents complained of nausea and headaches. Soil samples were collected afterwards from three locations in Valle Gran Rey La Gomera and has been analyzed in our laboratory for heavy metals and toxins. All samples were washed and characterized. Fortunately all brand specific values​​, -such as lead or cyanide-, were within normal ranges. Except the formaldehyde range of a sample from El Guro was significantly increased by 0.8 mg/Kg. As a result of this, it must be said that the entry of easily soluble pollutants by the fire was very low.

The Euro Crisis - The Euro corroded! (12.06.2012)

Current investigation of euro cent coins  (minted in the year 2001)
The microscopic examination scanning of several 1 cent coins that are in circulation since the introduction of the euro (2002) in our lab, revealed some interesting findings. The surface showed partly severe corrosion of the copper jacket, with deep valleys and pitting. Not only could physicochemical causes being identified, also possible shortcomings of the material being used. As a result, it must be said that not only the euro area begins to corrode but the money itself too.