We offer a wide range of research methods and solutions to your specific problems at affordable prices. We make sure that the research methods used by us meets the highest standards.


Our laboratory is fully independent and discretion is assured. We can advise you and find the right solution for your requirements.
Our current range of services includes


- Scanning electron microscopy and EDX

- Asbestos and Mineral Investigations

- Corrosion testing

- Material testing (solids)
- Stress tests (abrasion, heat, cold, acids, etc.)

- Identification tests (density, SM, MP, etc.)

- House dust studies

- Mold investigations

- Pigment analysis and authenticity studies (art)

- Light microscopic studies

- Biological studies to pest infestation

- Micro and macro photographic documentation
- Water and soil sample analysis (photometry, Kolormetrie)
- Accident / injury investigations
- Forensic analysis

- Ecological expertise

 soon available from January 2013:
- Liquid analysis (HPLC, IAC, HPTLC, AAS)

- Chemical / pharmacological analysis (liquids)

- Ozone measurements

- Biotechnological issues (PCR, gel electrophoresis)

Further individual customized research methods on request. 

Please contact us for more information.